Loving life
as a designer

I favor simplicity, operate with honesty, practice precision, and pursue excellence.

Hello! I’m Jesse Buller.

I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Andrews University. I work across a range of mediums including print, interactive, and motion.

I recently moved to Loma Linda, CA. in order for my wife to study medicine. I work full time as Creative Director for Liquid Instruments, but also accept weekend project engagement through direct contact.

Resume / Curriculum Vitae

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”―Leonardo da Vinci

My Expertise

I’m a power-user of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Often a project calls for additional software. I’m always willing to study-up, but at the end of the day, Adobe is my bread and butter.

After Effects

My Approach

I believe that visual communication is undeniably valuable. I chose Graphic Design as my area of focus in college not only because I loved creating, but also because I knew that it would strengthen my ability to transfer ideas. In addition to a strong interest in static design, I am captivated by compositions of motion and sound. I see every project as a new adventure.


I’ve got my eyes open for new projects, new  puzzles to be solved. I’ve found that my favorite way of expanding on what I already know is to be presented with questions that beg for creative solutions. I’m looking forward to months and years ahead. I’ll be persistent, flexible, and alway on my toes.

Featured Recent Clients

Here is a selection of recent clients that I have been able to design for while working at Thesis, Inc.


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